Forging a future for things of the past
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ABOUT George James & Sons

Who are we?

We are a family run firm of traditional blacksmiths and have been producing  high quality metalwork from our forge for the past 170 years.

Our business was established in 1841 by Thomas James and is still operated from the same forge and workshop

Skilled & Experienced Craftsmen

We have a team of skilled blacksmiths and are able to produce a range of items from smaller scale domestic wares to large-scale architectural projects.

Traditional Craft Perfected

We work very much in the traditions of our craft, forging metals with the same techniques and sometimes the same tools as our great great grandfather used. We believe strongly in the preservation of our traditional craft heritage and work hard to ensure a future for our craft.


The old idea of the blacksmith being able to make and repair just about anything is still true today. The difference is that today's blacksmith needs to be able to design their own work and use a whole range of technology and machinery that were not available to previous generations. The skill of forging hot iron and steel is still at the leading edge of all we do, but we marry this with the use of modern technology in order for us to be efficient and cost effective. 

We can offer you something unique.

Our hand forged work is a way of working that produces textures and forms which are unique to the individual piece and distinct from machine made products.

We design to suit a location...

...and your ideas, not to assemble a piece from pre-made components.

We use a mixture of techniques...

...and technologies to make work affordable.

We can give you work with character and personality...

...our material is re-cyclable, very green and is built to last a lifetime.


Come visit us to discover how our craft will benefit your project

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22 Cransley Hill, Broughton
NN14 1NB
England UK
01536 790 295


For more information or to discuss a project in detail complete below.

Forging a future for things of the past

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