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Contemporary Designs

Contemporary Designs

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Contemporary Designs

Contemporary Designs


By being creative in the forge we can produce stunning pieces that have all of the benefits of blacksmithing, with texture and changes of section, alongside interesting jointing, but incorporate modern techniques to produce the desired effect.

We can help to create individuality in the way that we forge and shape hot metal and are happy to discuss design concepts .

We live in the 21st Century and the style of our surroundings can emphasise this. The traditional styles of the 18th Century can look out of place and not suit contemporary aesthetics.

We can offer modern design tied to ancient techniques to produce individual work to suit you and your budget


- Private commission -

Project: Entrance railings

Location: Northamptonshire


The project was to design and make railings to the entrance to the house to sit on a small existing dwarf wall which the milkman and other visitors climbed over instead of using the pathway. The clients wanted something different from the usual vertical bar railing and the design is based on a series of rings.

By forging these with tapers and spacing them apart from each other a sense of depth is achieved which would be impossible with a flat laser cut plate.

- Individual commission -

Project: Gates and railings

Location: Northampton


The basic shapes come from the ripples made when rain lands on the surface of the water.The rings in the railing and side gate designs are not concentric but slightly offset to give interest, vary in width and have a forged texture.

 The main entrance gates take their design cue from the circle but this is broken up by the use of random horizontals and verticals of varying thickness. These echo the design of the paving beneath the gates. Another interesting aspect of the design is that the gates are curved to follow the profile of the boundary and this made for some interesting challenges for us in laying out the design and even more interesting challenges for the company who automated them.

The gates are galvanised, etched and painted with zinc rich satin finish paint.

- Private commission -

Project: Railings to the Front entrance steps, roof terrace and garden terrace.

Location: Southwark London


A general theme based around the oak tree was agreed upon .The property fronts a conservation area and the outward appearance of the entrance railings needed to be in keeping with this so these are of traditional appearance with a hand forged motif of oak leaves in a central roundel. The roof terrace railings were based around the outline of an oak tree, overlapped to provide strength while the rear garden terrace railing design was abstracted from the shapes found in oak leaves. By keeping to a theme the various areas of metalwork are linked although the treatment of each is different.


We can offer you something unique.

Our hand forged work is a way of working that produces textures and forms which are unique to the individual piece and distinct from machine made products.

We design to suit a location...

...and your ideas, not to assemble a piece from pre-made components.

We use a mixture of techniques...

...and technologies to make work affordable.

We can give you work with character and personality...

...our material is re-cyclable, very green and is built to last a lifetime.


Come visit us to discover how our craft will benefit your project

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For more information or to discuss a project in detail complete below.

Forging a future for things of the past

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