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Public Artworks

Public Artworks

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Public Artworks

Public Artworks - Blacksmiths in Northamptonshire

Public art refers to works of art that have been planned and executed with the specific intention of being sited or staged in the public domain, usually outside and accessible to all, often with community involvement and collaboration.

We have in the past been commissioned as part of percentage for art schemes where we can help to turn functional items on a building such as balustrades into pieces of art. We have been competition winners for design on site specific projects or have been asked because of our local knowledge. We enjoy working in three dimensions and like to add humour if it is possible.

Our work has ranged from large site specific pieces to village signs or commemorative works. All of them have a common link in that they are usually designed and sometimes made with the local community being involved. The joy of this is that the community  has a sense of ownership in the finished work and the artwork reflects the local area and the involvement of people whether it is the school or the Women's Institute.

We are always pleased to be involved in creative projects . Let us know what you have in mind.

- East Lindsey District Council -

Project: Public Realm Enhancement scheme

Location: 90 metres of bridge railings, 25 metres other railings, direction signage, information board.


We were short listed and interviewed and subsequently asked to offer design proposals for the scheme. The idea was to tell a story of some of the history of the town and some of its historical characters, all linked with a common theme.

- Hunts District Council -

Project: Two Large entrance feature either side of the entrance to the park.

Location: Hill Rise Park in St Ives


The local schoolchildren had come up with a series of drawings and ideas for us and we interpreted these and re-designed where necessary for us to be able to forge and fabricate them in steel. 

We can offer you something unique.

Our hand forged work is a way of working that produces textures and forms which are unique to the individual piece and distinct from machine made products.

We design to suit a location...

...and your ideas, not to assemble a piece from pre-made components.

We use a mixture of techniques...

...and technologies to make work affordable.

We can give you work with character and personality...

our material is re-cyclable, very green  and is built to last a lifetime.


Come visit us to discover how our craft will benefit your project

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NN14 1NB
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For more information or to discuss a project in detail complete below.

Forging a future for things of the past

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