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Conservation & Restoration
The Conservation and Restoration of Historic Ironwork

The Conservation and Restoration of Historic Ironwork

We have gained a reputation for high quality conservation and restoration work and have worked on some of the most important and prestigious pieces of historic ironwork in the country.

Our principles and the way we go about our work have changed over the years as we have gained more experience and a greater understanding of good conservation practice. Our philosophy has always been to retain as much original ironwork as possible and to use materials and techniques that are appropriate to the work.

We are saddened that much of the historic work we come into contact with has over the years been abused by inappropriate techniques used by practitioners who do not understand or are incapable of doing skilled work to good standards. Heritage ironwork deserves the same respect and skills as other disciplines such as stained glass, stone or woodwork. We have been involved from an early stage with the National Heritage Ironwork Group whose aims and philosophy we share.

We would like to see an accreditation system for skilled practitioners and a greater awareness amongst professionals of the need for work to be undertaken by those who have both the skill and passion, and a greater understanding amongst blacksmiths of the differences between conservation and restoration.

The most frequent problems we encounter are corrosion and the effects of rust on the object by loss of material or distortion of surfaces caused through old age or neglect. Sometimes damage is accidental or there may be a need for sympathetic alterations to a listed piece of ironwork. The materials we usually work with are Wrought Iron, Cast Iron and Mild Steel although we have experience with Pure Iron, non ferrous alloys such as Bronze ,and Leadwork.

We can offer advice on

  • Historic significance
  • Condition reports
  • Recording
  • Cleaning

The appropriate use of original materials and the techniques required to faithfully replicate historic work

  • How to deal with corrosion
  • Finishing techniques and paint systems
  • Maintenance schedules

Our list of clients includes Private estates, Historic Royal Palaces, Royal Parks, English Heritage, The National Trust, Local Authorities and private individuals.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We can offer you something unique.

Our hand forged work is a way of working that produces textures and forms which are unique to the individual piece and distinct from machine made products.