Forging a future for things of the past
Contemporary Designs
Contemporary Designs

The Conservation and Restoration of Historic Ironwork

We have gained a reputation for high quality conservation and restoration work and have worked on some of the most important and prestigious pieces of historic ironwork in the country.

Our principles and the way we go about our work have changed over the years as we have gained more experience and a greater understanding of good conservation practice. Our philosophy has always been to retain as much original ironwork as possible and to use materials and techniques that are appropriate to the work.

We live in the 21st Century and the style of our surroundings can emphasise this. The traditional styles of the 18th Century can look out of place and not suit contemporary aesthetics.

We can offer modern design tied to ancient techniques to produce individual work to suit you and your budget

We can offer you something unique.

Our hand forged work is a way of working that produces textures and forms which are unique to the individual piece and distinct from machine made products.